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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 3, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ you and me ♪ i want you to know ♪ rob: good morning, you are watching "fox and friends" first on thursday morning. heather: thank you for starting your day with us, great to have you with us as always. it is the biggest change in 50 years, donald trump unveiling his new plan to cut legal immigration in half. todd: aiming to raise american wages and protect jobs. >> reporter: a merit-based immigration system called the most significant reform in half a century senators cotten and perdue, reform american immigration system for the economy or raise back in february. donald trump gave it his standing approval in the
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roosevelt room yesterday. >> the raise acts will increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars. it will do this by changing the way the united states issues green cards to nationals from other countries. >> it would cut the number of green cards in half, 1 million a year to 500,000 x 2027. a skills-based system like canada or australia making america more competitive, raise wages for american workers and create jobs. >> there is no doubt people who come here who are unskilled or low skilled impact the wages of americans whether their ancestors came over on the mayflower or they just took the oath of citizenship they are competing for those jobs. >> nancy pelosi saying, quote, from the start donald trump has pushed a hateful anti-immigrant
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agenda that instills fear in our communities, weakens hour nation and dishonors our values. the bill faces an uphill battle in filibuster. it will need 60 votes to starting debate. it may be a tall order. we can expect donald trump to talk a lot about it tonight when he visits huntington, west virginia for a rally. heather: donald trump talking about a merit-based green card system spiking a heated debate at the white house between jim acosta and stephen miller. >> the notions they have to learn english before they get to the united states, we bring people just from great britain and australia? >> i am shocked that your statement is that you think only people from great britain and australia with no english.
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this is an amazing moment that you think only people from great britain or australia would speak english is so insulting to millions of hard-working immigrants who do speak english from all over the world, have you honestly never met an immigrant from another country who spoke english outside great britain or australia? it shows your cosmopolitan bias. >> reacting to the heated exchange conservative commentator mark stein is quick to point out the hypocrisy behind the backlash. >> what jim acosta is complaining about is trump wants to move to a canadian style immigration policy. these are the same people wetting their knickers over justin trudeau on the cover of rolling stone saying why can't we have a dreamboat president like the canadian prime minister and trump saying i will meet you half way, let's start with canadian immigration policy and
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justin trudeau is this white supremacist and trump is trashing america's immigration policy to turn himself into a ku klux klan moose hunter like canada. this is ridiculous. >> russia firing back, new sanctions into law calling it a full-scale trade war. legislation punishes moscow for election interference and shift the president's ability to be sanctions and imposes harsher sanctions on iran and north korea. donald trump giving it the green light but calling it, quote, seriously flawed. the russian government saying this and all hope for improving relations with the us. heather: we now know two american soldiers i did and four injured following an attack on a nato convoy in afghanistan. the unidentified army troops coming under fire in the kandahar province, the home of the taliban.
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a homicide bomber in a pickup truck setting off the explosion as the convoy returned to base from a mission. nine us troops have been killed in afghanistan so far just this year. kim jung un should not be sleeping easy at night, that is the word from general hr mc master, he says the whole world against the north korean dictator after his regime tested another missile last week. >> he has the whole world against him. he is isolated on this. there has been no aggression from the united states, south korea, any of our allies. >> the state department announcing a travel plan starting september 1st, exemptions could apply to certain groups of people like journalist and humanitarian workers. >> a second bombing from
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smoldering rubble after a gas explosion the most of the school in minneapolis. there is the scene, just terrific, the blast happening in the utility area leveling part of the building and setting it on fire, 6 people hurt, none of them are children. we are learning more about the victims, john carlson, 81-year-old janitor went to the school as a child, learned a school receptionist was engaged to be married. that is under investigation but officials believe contractors may have ruptured a gas line. 42 people, mostly kids rushed to the hospital after a major chemical leak, hazmat teams rushing into the center in durham, north carolina after reports of a strong chemical smell. >> coughing, choking, i felt lightheaded, my throat hurting. >> fire officials believe the leak involving disinfecting pool chemicals is the result of a mechanical issue, 6 children left seriously hurt, that is now closed as the investigation continues. heather: an entire town forced
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to evacuate after a train derailed. a train car full of propane and molten sulfur careening off the tracks, this was in the middle of a pennsylvania neighborhood. the blast captured on this home security camera. the csx freight train was traveling from chicago to new york when it crashed southeast of pittsburgh but. no one was injured. another mishap at a county fair. we keep hearing about these things with a mechanical malfunction stranding three men on a bungee ride in california. the cage carries riders to the top and stalled. one rider already jumped ending up stuck upside down for nearly three minutes, upside down and they were all able to repel to safety to the ground, this just one week after a man was killed. >> we are about to hit fair
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season. to extreme weather, strong storms like this creating heavy downpours with flash flooding. >> this video giving new jersey residents a rude and stormy awakening as record heat sets into the northwest, janice dean tracking the latest. sounded like thunderstorms in new york city yesterday. >> we have storm reports, dozens of them across the northeast including hail and damaging wind. new jersey getting pelted with hail and very strong winds, had problems at the airport, past 12 hours you see potential for showers and storms has diminished which is great news. still have a chance of thunderstorms into the weekend but not a deluge. you mentioned the northwest as well as california where the heat is the big story. the monsoon season in full gear for the four corners area but the areas that really needed not getting any relief and it will
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remain hot into the weekend with temperatures in the 90s, 100 ° range. we heard the report overnight that a lot of these places don't have air conditioning in the northwest so the heat will be a big story especially into the weekend. we have not had a lot of relief across the west. heather: thank you. the secret service needs drones to protect the president was according to white house documents the agency will test a small unmanned aircraft during the president's visit to his golf club in new jersey this month. it is part of their effort to find new ways to provide necessary protection to the president. >> republicans racing to go, raising $75 million and donald trump's for 6 months in office. the republican national committee fundraising numbers double the amount democrats raised during barack obama's for 6 months according to abc. the rnc attribute in the numbers
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to the president's appeal with his base. the left is losing money they are preparing for 2018 by scrambling to come up with an obamacare fix after republicans failed to pass a skinny repeal of obamacare, democrats sharing some of their proposals in september, the health committee will start hearing about how to fix the failing health care system. we are not done with it yet. >> they are still dealing with the 2016 election, including brand-new homea aberdeen emails showing pay for play action going on and not only that but 91 emails and remember hillary clinton said she released all of them. >> this is not all and what is interesting to me about all of this is you never hear about this in the mainstream media. they spent countless hours of their broadcasts on trump and russia yet this is a serious -- secretary of state at the time
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compromising potential national security. >> pretty irrefutable. take a look at this one example if we can bring up the full-screen between -- craig says it would mean a lot to me if you could help or advice on a personnel situation for a dear friend. hums of a response we love, the name was retracted, that person, looking into this asap and there are similar emails back and forth repeatedly. >> thompson of judicial watch has to say about all this and what should happen potentially. >> despite what the fbi director said it is not legal, they were mishandling classified information and if you are operating a system regularly receiving and sending classified information in a nonsecure way you are subject to prosecution and you would have been if you weren't hillary clinton. losing an election is not a get out of jail free card.
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emails like this revive the clinton criminal investigation, handling classified information, paid to play and other violations. >> there was another blatant example where there was a telecom executives in puerto rico who donated $1 million to the clinton library and he asked through email that a certain person be named us ambassador to puerto rico. >> 12 minutes after the hour, the naacp is not backing down. the group is doubling down on their travel warning to the state of missouri. >> getting the last word, wait until you hear about james comey's multimillion dollar book deal. we knew that was coming. >> i paid $10 for a pack of 3 but he wants $30 for just one. we will explain when we come back. ♪ do you want to say no ♪
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>> an obama era dreamer living in a sanctuary city accused of a brutal sexual assault of a teenager, 23-year-old salvador garcia lives in the complex near seattle, accused of attacking a 14-year-old that same day. people trying to get rid of the sanctuary legal, they will vote on it come november. making fake ids for illegal immigrants, massachusetts motor vehicle workers busted for stealing drivers licenses and selling them to undocumented immigrants, some who have been deported in the past. state police were tipped off about four i and be clerks and two outsiders involved in the scheme. all six charged with aggravated identity theft. >> go at your own risk, that is
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the message the naacp is sending minorities by doubling down on the first of its kind travel advisor in the state of missouri. >> reporter: the naacp refusing to back down on its first ever travel advisory saying racism is so widespread in missouri the minorities risk losing their lives if they go there. initially the naacp said the advisory would stay in effect until august 28th but now say it will remain for the foreseeable future. the advisory says, quote, individuals traveling in the state are advised to travel with extreme caution. race, gender and color based crimes have a long history in missouri. missouri, home of lloyd gaines, dred scott, and the missouri compromise and one of the last states to lose its slaveholding past, may not be say safe, this
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is after senate bill 43 into law which requires proof of discrimination as motivating factor in a court of law. >> it brought missouri standards in line with federal government and 38 other states. we had a great relationship with the naacp and my first 6 months in office. i look forward to working with them. >> the naacp calls of the, quote, jim crow bill, acts of discrimination in the state, what will it take to get the advisory removed? the mystery naacp once more reform including the repeal of sb 43 but that is not likely to happen anytime soon. >> seems extremely harsh. >> stricter gun laws, fighting a concealed carry proposal allowing permits to be valid state like a driver's license. officials in california and new york criticize the area saying police will not say who is carrying a gun and enables isis fighters.
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despite the criticism the bill has strong support in the house. >> your sober glasses may not be the real deal, the morning all the way from nasa just before that historic eclipse. >> mexico berg insists he is not running for president. 's latest move is fueling speculation. there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel, i want someone who makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. c'mon, gary! your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah!
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and addresses of service men writing this, kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their streets. the ohio man has detailed bombmaking instructions at the time of his arrest. todd: encouraging a man to kill himself over text message, she faces 25 years bars on involuntary manslaughter for instructing 18-year-old conrad roy to take his own life. roy found dead by carbon monoxide poisoning in 2014. >> the tao opens in record territory, above 22,000 points. >> a wave of earnings news could keep it going today. >> reporter: the tao climbed above the 22,000 mark for the first time wednesday and claimed its 32nd record close of the year as it rose 52 points
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through solid earnings from apple on tuesday. the tao hit the 20,000 level in late january and crossed the 21,000 mark on march 1st, it has risen 11% since 2017, weaknesses and other tech stocks held back the nasdaq and s&p 500. we were talking about solar eclipse glasses. you could make those in school. >> don't want to make them in school. millions of people counting down until the solar eclipse on august 21st and if you are going to watch you will need special glasses so you don't damage your eyes but nasa is warning fake eclipse glasses are flooding the market which could mean an offer of quick protection. many online retailers from some vendors, you can't necessarily guarantee safety, be careful. look for the certification information and manufacturer's name and address.
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heather: clouds will clear out over new york city, you are watching "fox and friends" first. todd: 30 minutes after the hour. the biggest change in 50 years, donald trump revealing a new plan to cut legal immigration in half. heather: raising american wages
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and protect jobs. here are details on the overhaul. >> reporter: you will hear a lot about this, the raise act, reform american immigration system for the economy. tom condon and david perdue in february, a merit-based system, the most significant in half a century and it would protect american workers. >> this competitive application process will favor applicants and speak english, financially support themselves and their families and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy. it prevents new migrants and new immigrants from collecting welfare and protect us workers from being displaced. >> reporter: the plan cuts the number of green cards in half from 1 million a year to 500,000 in ten years moving to a skills-based system like canada
2:31 am
or australia which they believe will make america or competitive, raise wages for american workers and create jobs. senator perdue argued for the plan on tucker last night. >> i can't understand why anyone who wants a progrowth effort in america to oppose this. the system is so broken that one out of every 15 come in with a skill. this is a broken system that penalizes people who just got here. >> reporter: democrats are opposing it, senator, harassed weed immigrants don't just belong in america, immigrants have built america. i oppose the raise act, the bill faces a serious uphill battle, it will need 60 votes to start a filibuster, with that the majority of 52 republicans prospects not looking good but he will talk about this tonight in huntington, west virginia for a big rally. >> it would not be surprising if they can't come to a consensus
2:32 am
on this. this morning kansas secretary of state chris clawback said the idea of enforcing our borders is not new. todd: and not unique in the us. >> every government on the planet controlled how many foreign nationals are allowed to come into its job market. it is not government interference. in order to have borders, meaningful borders and be a subornation every country has to have control over how many people have access to its jobs. i would not think of this as government increased government involvement, the government has been defining this for more than a century. we are talking about tweaking it a little bit so the interests of the american worker and american taxpayer our first. >> department of justice sets the record straight following a report the agency is investigating affirmative action at colleges. the doj falling the report
2:33 am
inaccurate saying they are probing claims made by asian-american students at one school. the agency has not received or issued any directive, memorandum or policy to university admission in general. heather: 7 you can count on me to stand with you, from christopher ray as he has sworn in as fbi director. justice department lawyer served as assistant director under george w. bush, takes over from the former fbi director james comey month after donald trump fired him. heather: jeff sessions is not going anywhere, the new chief of staff john kelly called sessions to tell him he will remain head of the justice department after donald trump criticized sessions calling him week for recusing
2:34 am
himself in the russian investigation. other trump administration members not so lucky. hr mcmaster removing another raid from the council. the senior director for intelligence, and in march, after providing information to representative devon nunez accused susan rice in exposing identities with trump transition officials. and sent packing, lots of changes going on. brian hawkins sent sensitive information to his wife's email. another report found unsafe hospital conditions including dirty needles with clean ones and the report was so bad it had to be released before it was finished for fear of patient safety. todd: john mccain says he will make a return to capitol hill, to a phoenix radio show.
2:35 am
and starting chemotherapy, he will keep working hard until his return. working on inherited diseases, researchers in oregon and california successfully edited genes in human embryos. and created healthy embryos that can be passed to future just generations which critics say it is another step toward human engineering. groundbreaking stuff. >> bandstand giving broadway a new rhythm giving more to our nation's he rose. taking us backstage with the
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cast. >> caught up with corey to tell me about this. >> get out of my way. >> 1945, returned to cleveland, down on my luck. ♪ something to block out the memories ♪ >> i hear about this national songwriting competition on the radio, there are swing musicians, the show chronicles our journey of making our way through the ranks of this competition. >> to see what happens when they deal with this now. >> how can we address the truth
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and deep substance of what these men and women go for and the joy they are trying to find. every show we dedicate to a different vet and the veterans while, cut the picture of every vet we are dedicated to. >> a recipient of the top gun award. and personal for me and a lot of people. and grandfather's father and mother's better service men and women. it is really powerful. ♪ >> going to a museum, a brand-new american musical too. dedicating each performance to a
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different thing. to sponsor it, bandstand, the musical, and tax deductible. appreciate it. heather: the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and coming up a major immigration overhaul but will it put the american workers first. we debate that. you never believe what the diner, inside a chick-fil-a. >> why did you write that letter? >> because i wanted him to be my friend. heather: donald trump invited another new friends to the white house. carly shimkus has the story of a little boy with a big request. ♪ crazy train
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>> james comey getting a last word signing a multimillion dollar book deal. >> social media not very impressed. carly shimkus is here with reaction. it is not unanimous support. >> some people are excited for the book but the important thing is we have not heard the last from james comey. he's coming out with a new book, no title yet but it is coming out in the spring. the interesting part is the book will be about, quote, what good, ethical leadership looks like and how to make sound decisions was comey is a difficult decisions during his career with involvement in hillary clinton's
2:43 am
email scandal and the russia investigation was whether those decisions were sound is up for debate and social media is weighing in on the book thing. the book will be called how i got away with everything. a little title help from len. i don't think it will be called that was arthur says no one saw this coming. elijah said why didn't he say something when he had the chance, writing a book about it months later won't do anything but make us mad. elijah won't be picking up a copy. he said a lot during senate testimony but there is always more to be said when there is a book deal on the way. something about martha stewart. he was involved in that whole thing. so we have frank. sarah huckabee sanders introduced us to a trump standing pickle. here he is on "fox and friends". >> why did you write that letter?
2:44 am
>> i wanted to write that letter to trump because i wanted him to be my friend. >> yesterday she introduced us to another little boy named frank who wants to mow the white house lawn. >> it would be my honor to mow the white house lawn for some weekends for you. i would like to show the nation what young people like me are ready for. i am happy to report that i spoke with the president and he wanted me to invite you to spend the morning here at the white house with the groundskeeper. >> frank gets his wish. this person says young entrepreneur, it would be cool if our president could make this happen. danny says it is nice to know we have kids that want to work and not expect welfare food stamps and medicaid. getting a little political there. i say let him do it. he will be heading to the white house. great way to spend the summer.
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t-shirt. >> did you folks up there in tv land gets this moment between senior advisor stephen miller and the guy over at cnn over donald trump's call to overhaul legal immigration? did you miss it? >> this notion of a have to learn english before they get to the united states. will we bring people in from great britain and australia. >> reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree. >> one of the u.s. senate is by the immigration bill, david perdue will join us live for a busy three hours, 14 minutes from now on the channel you trust for morning news, "fox and friends" first back in two minutes. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends" first. mark doctor berg -- mark zuckerberg does not want to run for office, he is hiring a pollster who worked for former president obama and hillary clinton so maybe according to politico, the strategy company will conduct research for the family's philanthropic group. the ceo continues to deny having any political ambitions. how gore wants everyone to conserve energy but does he practice what he preaches? a report from the national center for public policy research finding the former vp's nashville estate uses 21 times more energy than the average home and that is not all. >> he has two other homes on top of it. here is a guy who has exploited concerns about the environment
2:51 am
to make $300 million and win the nobel prize. heather: how gore promoting his documentary an inconvenient sequel which prayers that is criticizes donald trump for pulling out of the paris climate agreement. todd: donald trump throwing his support behind the new sweeping immigration reform bill designed to create a merit-based system that can protect jobs and raise wages for the american worker. >> the most significant reform to the immigration system in half a century. >> joining us for a fair and balanced debate, democratic strategist denise, let's begin with you. the question we need to ask everybody on the left, if we are going to let individuals in any way, why not prioritize those who will really contribute to the economy and not be a drain? >> good morning.
2:52 am
you pronounced my name correctly. what this shows, just another thing the american people don't really need. the epic failure of the repeal of obamacare, we need to level with the american people, we need to be truthful, we need to be thoughtful and strategic. immigration is of enormous importance in the agenda that should always be there but we have to proceed with caution, strategic alliances with members of congress. republicans and democrats, a comprehensive bill, to imitate canada and have a merit based, who is qualified and who is not, who is deciding? let's learn from the canadians, they have trouble because you have to figure out her industry,
2:53 am
we need both. we need low skill and high skilled. todd: you used the word strategic. isn't it a strategic way to help the american worker and ease wages? >> everybody is in favor of the american worker including the hispanic american worker, but i believe, i don't know if jenny will agree with me, the real underlining reason for this law is fear. there is great fear in the base and the trump administration. but the forces of assimilation, the anglo-american agenda is in danger and people like her are threats. assimilation is a keyword said yesterday by one of the senators, donald trump pronounced it assimilation is a very important word we need to bring out and discuss. assimilation and there is fear because the melting pot is not
2:54 am
working the way it has to, the forces of assimilation are fatigued. the administration wants to build a wall around the country. i am not saying i agree with in 1965 law which is the one that allowed 50 million people in the last 50 years to come into the country, 70% of them -- needs to be changed and bring more people, more quality work to the economy. immigration is a very complex issue and the administration is doing it little by little. heather: we have a full screen with a little more nuts and bolts of this. it cuts green cards in half, priority to those highly skilled immigrants. the goal to make america more competitive, raise wages and create more jobs. from my position in studio these
2:55 am
seem like logical ways to advance america and advance american workers going forward. you have individuals that help provide economic stability and don't have those dreams on welfare, 50% of those individuals that are immigrants -- >> that is not true. and i want to go to elvira's point. jobs, there are a lot of jobs to be filled. if you talk to anyone. and they rely on low skill -- todd: we are up against a heartbreak, we will be right back. ♪
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go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. heather: time now for the good,ed bad, and the ugly. up first the good, the moments the parents in texas surprised two daughters with newly adopted baby sister. >> baby. >> what is that? >> it's a new baby sister. heather: shane pruitt and his wife casey showing off the baby girl that they named kelsey marie. they have four children two by birth and two by adoption. todd: this is not the bad.
3:00 am
the tom brady wax figure at new museum in boston. the figure just unveiled getting panned online. one thing both can agree on not as infamous as this courtroom sketch. heather: riot over chick-fil-a over cold nuggets. todd: "fox & friends" begins right now. heather: bye. >> the trump administration took a big step today toward fulfilling a central campaign promise by endorsing immigration reform bill. >> this competitive application process will favor applicants who will speak english, financially support themselves and their families, and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy. >> we bring over a million immigrants into this country a year. that's like adding the population of montana every single year. >> the bill would sharply he


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